Have you ever given any thought to a pre-shot routine when it comes to golf? If you watch any good golfer, especially the pro's, you will notice that they all have a pre-shot routine that helps them to set up to the golf ball the same, every single time.

Here is a tip to help you to develop a good pre-shot routine, and thus improve your accuracy:

Walk up to your ball and stand behind it facing where you want to hit the ball. Now imagine the shot you are going to need to get to the target. Now draw an imaginary line from the target back toward your ball, and pick a spot on the ground a few feet in front of your ball.

When I say pick a spot, I mean it could be anything from a grass blade, to a small pebble on the ground. Now take your golf club that you have decided to use and set the clubface square to the target using the spot that you have picked out on the ground. Now line up your body to this line. If you have done it right, you will be aimed perfectly to your intended target.

Begin using this pre-shot method and you will improve your accuracy tremendously. Use this tip when you practice and when you play golf and hopefully you will benefit.